‘HAKBRAYNE’ is a variety of comedy sketches involving both one‐off and re‐emerging characters created and performed by Semra Haksever and Cairine MacBrayne. With a view to initially producing a series of six thirty‐minute episodes that would work across both a web based or television broadcast, ‘HAKBRAYNE’ is a subversion of ordinary situations portrayed by the surreal views and lifestyles of the characters, which play on the ignorance of people’s opinions and views, whether cultural or political.

Our inspirations include; ‘TIM & ERIC’, CHRIS MORRIS (‘JAM’, ‘BRASS EYE’), ‘THE MIGHTY BOOSH’, early ‘VIC REEVES & BOB MORTIMER’ and ‘SANDY TOKSVIG’ (the latter due to her Stirling, inspirational work in aid of women and fashion).

Created, filmed, and edited by Semra Haksever and Cairine MacBrayne ‘HAKBRAYNE’ will be a visually stimulating and comical journey through their minds and the characters they become as we get to meet ‘THE VERSACE’S’ and ‘THE BURTONS’ as you’ve never seen them before, ELTON JOHN showing off his new baby, and ‘ANTHEA TURNER’ appearing behind bars having recently been exposed as nothing more than a dirty sex slave.

Aside from reality TV exposes of celebrities, ‘HAKBRAYNE’ tackles current social and political issues such ‘DWARF DYSMORPHIA SYNDROME’ and ‘BAG SLAPPING’ ‐ the new craze to hit London Underground. We also begin to answer questions on the lips of many patriotic Brits such as what happened to Osama Bin Laden’s wives since his execution? Here we find out through the eyes of our secretly filmed ‘Burka Cam’ expose on ‘OSAMA’S WIVES’, inspired by the Daily Mail’s article on how Osama’s wives are truly adapting to the far superior, western way of living.

Adding to the mix, are the COCKNEY GHOST from ‘DANTAN ABBEY’. HONEY BOO BOO and CHARLEMAGNE, two stars of the hit American TV show, ‘TODDLERS & TIARA’S’, who, now in their thirties, are still competing to win the coveted “Princess Crown”, ‘RICO & NICO’, hosts of a late night South American public access television show, and the seemingly unemployed BOUNCER who gets a kick out of refusing entry to vulnerable OAP’s attempting to get into tearooms.

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