San Francisco’s Exploratorium has been a landmark and local destination for decades. When they began to outgrow their original location, they chose a new space that provided an opportunity to evolve the concept of a learning museum. For opening day, Obscura used architectural projections to transform the façade of Dan Francisco’s Pier 15 building into a luminous portal. “Emergence” was a montage of fluid dynamics, microorganisms, particle interactions, living systems, crystallization, and plant growth that evoked a sense of wonder about nature and the universe.

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Obscura Digital: Garth Williams, Tim Digulla, Marc Melzer, Jennifer Spratt, David Shulman, Susan Ali, Matty Dowlen, Barry Threw, Ana Herruzo, Andrew Plourde, Gaston Albanell, Bryan Sullivan, Tom Sepe, Desmond Shea, Hoss Ward, Philip Briggs, Jim Ellis, Alexi Alexaieff, Josh Brott, George Rosenthal, Eric Schneider.

Special thanks to:
Dr. Karen Kalumuck, Exploratorium, biology consultation;
Ben Stokes, Mission Control, cinematography and designs;
Richard Weinberg, Ph.D., digital cinematography with optical microscopy;
David Caron, Ph.D. and Alyssa Gellene, USC Dornsife College;
Darren Kraemer & Saied Rezaei, Attodyne, Inc., microscopic laser milling;
FLIR Systems, thermal imaging infrared cameras

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