I went solo on the the edit with this one, drawing on experience I've picked up whilst cutting clips with Josh from BlackLab I thought I'd make a short action filled video that was a bit more out of the norm than most windsurf edits. I wish I'd had more time to put into it as I have a whole stack of clips still including some funny party nights and a ton of moves, maybe there will be a part 2... Anyway here it is, all the action from the trip, the busted foot, the double forward crash that lead me from one hospital to the next in an ambulance and all the spots we went to along the way.

A special thanks to my girlfriend Hanna Poschinger, to Max 'BR Fins', Chris and Bertl from Upsidedown.at, Jamie Drummondo and Ingrid Horgmo for filming.

Patrik Diethelm
Sailloft Hamburg
NEFF Headwear
BR Fins

F: facebook.com/adamsimsk72
T: @adamsimsk72
I: Instasimsk72
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