On March 10, 2013, NYC Animal Activists protested against the animal shelter, Bideawee, for EMPLOYING an animal abuser, Gary.

Bideawee on 410 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016 has employed an animal abuser named GARY there for years.

I have witnessed him abusing the animals (and he verbally harasses PEOPLE). There is often a connection between animal abuse and people abuse.

When I brought it to the attention of the Bideawee Staff through emails, it took them many months to sit-down with me in a meeting that I was TOLD was to be about Gary's abuse. It wasn't.

They RETALIATED against me by forcing me to leave volunteering, in a decision that both Marcia Hennessey (HR) and Steve Tedder (Marketing) said they had reached BEFORE even sitting down to the meeting. The meeting was never about the abuser, Gary.

That's how Bideawee handled complaints about having an animal abuser on its Staff! They have received many other complaints about Gary, but most people who complain about him just disappear from Bideawee. He is protected by Marcia Hennessey, who said she views her Staff as her "babies" and set up a false dichotomy between choosing between Gary and myself.

The choice should be about choosing what is good for the ANIMALS, which she never mentioned.

Oh, and their MARKETING man, Steve Tedder, initially tried to make jokes and minimize the situation of having an animal abuser WORKING in an animal shelter by saying it was some kind of "personality difference".

ADOPT from Bideawee just to get them away from that abusive Staffer, Gary!

I can be reached at BideaweeEmploysAbusers@yahoo.com

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