Animated busts of Prime Ministers of Australia in chronological order - each speaking the name of their wife.
The Prime Ministers shown are: Edmund Barton (Jeanie) 1902, Alfred Deakin (Pattie) 1904, Chris Watson (Ada) 1904, George Reid (Florence) 1904, Andrew Fisher (Margaret) 1908, Joseph Cook (Mary) 1913, Billy Hughes (Mary) 1915, Stanley Bruce (Ethel) 1923, James Scullin (Sarah) 1929, Joseph Lyons (Enid) 1932, Earle Page (Ethel), 1939, Robert Menzies (Pattie) 1939, Artie Fadden (Ilma) 1941, John Curtin (Elsie) 1941, Frank Forde (Vera) 1945, Ben Chifley (Elizabeth) 1945, Harold Holt (Zara) 1966, John McEwan (Ann) 1967, John Gorton (Bettina) 1968, William McMahon (Sonia) 1971, Gough Whitlam (Margaret) 1972, Malcolm Fraser (Tamie) 1975, Bob Hawke (Hazel) 1983, Paul Keating (Annita) 1991, John Howard (Janette) 1996, Kevin Rudd (Therese) 2007, Julia Gillard (Tim) 2010.
Source images taken on location at the Prime Minister's Avenue at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. The exception is the bust of Julia Gillard which was created by the artist for this video.
This video has been compressed in resolution for easy online viewing.
This is a full screen video for viewing on a screen turned to 90 degrees or portrait.

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