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Step 1 - Prepare machine: As described in the instruction booklet, ensuring that the water tank is filled with fresh water before making coffee.

Step 2 - Fill the milk jug: a third full with fresh cold milk. Submerge the steam wand in the centre of the jug, by roughly 5mm. Add the thermometer.

Step 3 - Heat the milk: press the bottom switch again to steam. An intermittent high pitched chirping sound will be emitted from the machine.

Step 4 - As the temperature rises: the milk will expand. Lower the steam wand, maintaining 5mm submersion. Keep an eye on the temperature.

Step 5 - At 25-30°C: submerge the steam wand by 2-3cm, to the side of the jug. This will create a swirling motion of the milk.

Step 6 - At 40-45°C: turn the bottom switch off, leaving the wand submerged. Allow the wand to finish producing steam, indicated when all sounds stop.

Step 7 - Remove steam wand from milk: clean wand using a wet, clean cloth.

Step 8 - Run steam: to remove blockages. Press the bottom switch on the right of the machine, allow steam to run for 2-3 seconds, then turn the switch off.

Step 9 - Tap the milk jug: lightly on a hard surface and swirl the milk around the jug. This process can be repeated to create a highly glossy milk texture.

Step 10 - Open pod: place in the pod holder, ensuring it is fully flat.

Step 11 - Slide the brewing arm: from left to right, ensuring the arm is firmly over to the right.

Step 12 - Position cappuccino cup: under the coffee spout.

Step 13 - Tap the milk jug: whilst brewing the espresso, keep tapping the jug and swirling the milk around to maintain the texture.

Step 14 - Brew: press the middle switch on the right of the machine. Allow to brew for 12-15 seconds, then turn the switch off.

Step 15 - Repeat: steps 11-15 to create a double espresso base, using a fresh espresso pod of the same variety.

Step 16 - Remove cup: slide the brewing arm back to the left and remove the pod.

Step 17 - Clean: slide the brewing arm from left to right, and press the middle switch again. Run for 2 seconds to remove residue.

Step 18 - Pour the milk: from the jug onto the espresso base, gradually tilting the jug horizontally to allow more foam to come out at the end of the pour.

Step 19 - Enjoy: serve your flat white immediately.

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