425 truly, what is a sacrifice
SECTION 1: SACRIFICE OF SEPARATION. The desert can be a place of incredible loneliness or it can be a place to get closer with Elohim. To straighten out our lives with the Living God sometimes takes this separation into a desert. From things you may have thought were correct to what is truly biblical. The sacrifice of ourselves and our old way of life does not have to be too painful. Sometimes it is we who make the potters work more difficult on ourselves causing more pain then was truly intended by the King. Errors in our past do lead to hardships. The key we will learn in this section is hardships may come for a season if you are willing to grow and stop making the same errors of the past. We will also see that time in the desert becomes longer if we do not learn from the errors that brought us there in the first place.
SECTION 2 : SACRIFICE OF A LIFE. Yehovah says He will guard the steps of those who are faithful to HIMSELF. This section of the message will focus on those firstborn from the womb. What is the example of these children for the rest of the family? What are the things a parent is to learn from teaching this firstborn child and subsequently the rest of their children? What happens when the parent is true to the covenant of the firstborn and what the downfall is when they are not? In this section we will look at a woman’s disgrace and subsequent redemption. We will then look at life through a disobedient child’s eyes and ensuing redemption in prayer to Yehovah.
SECTION 3: SACRIFICE OF THE OLD LIFE FOR SOMETHING MUCH BETTER. What is the logical temple worship? To do what is right and just is more pleasing to Adonai than sacrifice. Yes there are physical scarifies but the one that our Beloved wants more than anything else is the one that truly comes from the heart. Many times we hate to receive instruction and fling His words behind us thus making our lives and our family’s lives harder. This section will use what we have learned in the previous 2 sections of the message so we understand the pattern of teaching that we unfortunately were brought up in and trade it for a solid biblical Hebrew Roots understanding of truth.

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