The Twins

“ When the world was still young its future was placed in the hands of two extraordinary children: the Giant Twins.
Together side by side, they started shaping the world´s surface. With their fingers they formed the rocks and rivers, and created homes for the plants and creatures around them.

This was their duty. And they did well… at first. But things changed, when a detail that used to be ever so small grew into a grim threat to the balance of the powers on earth. This detail lay inside the brothers.
Although the two were of the exact same kind with the exact same appearance – identically alike from the tops of their curls to the tips of their toes – there was one thing about them that was profoundly different.

The difference was the way they looked at other beings. One little Giant saw a connection between each and every one on earth. He saw an invisible thread than ran through everyone´s heart and tied all creatures together to one big “thing”. (The Giant had no word for it. He only really liked being a part of it.)

Unfortunately, the second Giant saw no tie between him and others. No matter how hard he looked, he did not discover anything that he wanted to be related to. Nothing apart himself appeared to be valuable or vulnerable. What good would then be to bond with lives less worthy than his own?”

(excerpt from Chapter 1; the first draft of Herakut´s Giant Storybook)

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