Baccalaureate of Prescott College's amazing students

MC 00:00:10

Eden Forest: Woodrow Wynd 00:10:21

Jessica Lauren Kozel: Machine Hearts, Machine Minds 00:19:36

Katherine Adelle Menees: Camps, Asylums, and Boarding Schools: A Mad Coalitional Genealogy 00:27:39

Liza Yorke: Education for Social Justice 00:40:00

Elise Anderson: The Psychology of Women in Adventure Education 00:50:30

Jones Yorke Brown: The Bienvenidos Project 01:01:14

Zoë Andrea Mason: Appetite to Write: Community Writing Project 1:13:02

Zoë Kelly Linkletter: Western Sandpipers and Climate Change 01:24:20

Hannah Johnson: Reproduction, Desirability, Disposability: A Research Based Thesis Paper on the Politics of Care in the Landscape of US Prisoner Reentry 01:34:37

Jessica L. Collins: Internship at P.O.S.T House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center 01:45:30

Eleanore Augusta Nelson: Vermicomposting of Horse Manure at Jenner Farm: Feasibility and Pilot Study 01:52:30

Saif Shah: Teaching in the Nation's Capitol 02:03:29

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