Meet John. He is a new insurance agent. Everyday he is on the phone, cold calling strangers to offer insurance quotes. It’s a painful cycle. The prospect answers the phone. He offers a quote… They hang up on him. Even though he is getting 3 to 5 leads a day from this process he doesn’t think he can survive in this business if this is how its going to be forever.

Meet Fred he’s also an insurance agent but he’s been in the business a few years, so he’s making some money now. Even though he has delegated his cold calls to a lead manager, he is having difficulty cross selling the clients in his book of business. He was able to survive the early years of smiling and dialing, but he never really built a relationship with his clients. So now… when he tries to cross sell other products, they don’t buy from him.

And then their James. In the office they call him the Secret agent. His business is growing like crazy. Its confusing to double 01 and double 02 because he seems to be doing the same exact processes as they were taught. But, how is he getting such great results? Well they don’t call him Secret Agent for nothing. Double 07’s secret weapon is called… Lead Warmer.

Lead Warmer is a follow up service designed by insurance agents, for insurance agents. The key to turning cold leads into hot clients is follow up. Because the founder of Lead Warmer was an insurance agent, he understands how hard it is to follow up with old prospects and cleints when you are busy chasing the new ones.

So, Lead Warmer follows up with everyone that you and your staff come into contact with… automatically… Its called staying top of mind.

By sending specially designed lead warming email campaigns, Lead Warmer helps you build trust with your clients, and prospects over time, so that when you call them back in the future to re quote or cross sell… they take your call.

By tracking who opens the emails, what links they clicked and who they shared the message with, Lead Warmer is able to nurture the relationship with your clients and prospects… and… when we think they are ready to buy we notify you.

Best thing about Lead Warmer is that there’s no complicated email marketing software to use. It just works… Just give us the info for the person you want us to warm up, and we will get the fire started. That’s it…

Now… Insurance Agents everywhere can turn cold leads into hot clients for about 5 bucks a week, with lead warmer.

Due to the high demand for our service, its important that you get on our waiting list. Enter you email below to learn more about Lead Warmer and how we turn your cold leads into hot prospects automatically.

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