We danced the hula in the snow, a beautiful butterfly came to say hello
We rode
We laughed
We ate, we danced
We inspired each other to try something new
Coaches patiently assisted, instructed, and showed by example
People traveled over seas & countries
to be together
to see each other
And be present in each others company

Music echoed into the distance
over the white topped mountains

The sun shined on us from morning till night

And we laughed, cried from laughing, giggled
laughed some more & fell asleep

Thank You to our sponsors, coaches, Selina Schulz, Helfer Ernstl Knuddelbühler, Montagner Fabio, Fabian Braitsch, Denise Eichholzer, DTB Entertainment, Flavio Schlegel, Sebi Jüngling, Tatiana Howard, Angelynn Julie

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