Here's some leftover footage from a trip to mainland Mexico that I did a while back. The waves were so good throughout the whole trip that I was able to have 3 Puerto Escondito sections + 1 Punta Colorada section in my latest video, Ring of Fire 3. I finally got around to editing some of this footage that I never included in the video. Theres some sick clips of all the top pros free surfing before and after the first IBA content in Puerto (the contest went off with a massive swell hitting for the last day of competition).

I also have some other good footage from the trip that Josh Garner edited in case you haven't seen it yet:

If you would like to check out even better Puerto footage you can pick up the full length film Ring of Fire 3 at the following places:

Ebodyboarding (
Alternative Surf (
662 (
Surge (
Atlantic (
The Foam Co (
Enigma (
Sponger City (
Bodyboard King (
Bodyboarders Surf Co (
Emerald (

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