I'm (very) new to FM synthesis, but I thought it would be fun to record my first "big" (for our system) FM patch-- the second I've tried altogether since the Z3000 arrived.

Left channel:

The Z3000's sine output is sent to the top channel on an A-132-3. This channel is receiving CV from an A-140 envelope generator, which is being gated by the clock out from the Wogglebug.

The triangle out from a Plan B ELF LFO is sent to the linear FM in on the Z3000.

The pitch of both the ELF and the Z3000 is being controlled a sequence from the A-138c polarizing mixer, which is adding and subtracting voltage from A-161 pulses (1, 3, 4 and 7).

The A-161 is clocked by the A-160, which is being clocked by the cluster out on the Wogglebug.

Output from the A-132-3 to the computer.

Right channel:

The square out from the ELF LFO is sent to the external ring mod in on the Wogglebug. The ring mod out is sent to the second A-132-3 channel, which is getting CV from the same A-140. The output of this A-132-3 channel is sent to a Frostwave Resonator, set to band pass.

The /2 out on the A-160 is sent to the low pass frequency CV on the Resonator.

The Resonator's output is sent to the computer.

The mix out on the A-143-1 is controlling the Wogglebug's clock speed.

I wish I had a more tunable VCO to modulate with than the ELF-- its frequency knob is too sensitive to really dial in anything precise (even with the Z3000's display helping out). I guess I'll have to keep saving for an AFG...


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