An intimate look at the life of a remarkable man. In the great tradition of the rural Mexican healers, who most often are the sole health care providers to millions of people, Don Javier Michel stands out with his fascinating story. This poignant documentary reveals a 77 year old man with an uncanny ability to fix bones and heal bodies through 50 years of compassionate dedication to helping others from dawn to dusk.

Recorded on location in San Miguel de Hidalgo, Municipio de El Limon,
Jalisco, Mexico, en 2008-09.
35 minutes / HD video

This documentary is the first portrait of a piece focused on the "traditional and untraditional" healers of Mexico. An intimate look at the lives of individuals and communities at times blurring the lines between the past and the present.

Produced with a minimalist approach that allows the film maker to become part of the story without altering its natural flow.

Directed and Produced by Maria Caridad Perez in collaboration with Machanaponfilms, a local artists collective.

Machanaponfilms is Direction / Production / Editing Maria Caridad Pérez, Photography Alfonso “Poncho” Hernandez, Sound / Sound Editing Mariano Michel Samora and Chava Negrete Ass. Direction/Subtitles.

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