I keep getting asked for totally edited raw footage by misguided persons who have the strange idea that this will include things worth seeing. They also don't seem to realise that I would need to compress the output in order to stay within my upload limit with significant degradation in picture quality.
I don't see these people offering to pay me over a hundred pounds a year to upgrade.
Yesterday I tried videoing the painting touch-up job I was doing in the bathroom so I thought I would post this as an example of what you would get.
As you will see, when trying to video a real task in real time it is often necessary to have the camera running when there is nothing happening and also to leave it running when setting up and checking shot angles.
At present I haven't even looked closely enough to see if there is enough usable footage for anything worth posting.
If not, it won't be my first totally abortive attempt and it won't be my last.

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