Land of Exodus and Beauty

A compassionate and humanistic documentary studying the epic struggle for home and identity by Bahar Çınarlı on the personal stories of the 1923 Population Exchange between Turkey and Greece, Land of Exodus and Beauty was filmed mainly in Güzelyurt - a charming Turkish village that remains, to this day, home to spectacular Christian-Orthodox churches. We hear from the Turkish people as they retrace their families' resettlement from Greece to Güzelyurt .

In turn, Güzelyurt’s former Greek inhabitants were resettled in Kavala, Greece. The film documents a recent and rather fascinating development. The peoples of Güzelyurt, Turkey, and Kavala, Greece have begun to visit each other, forming new and lasting bonds, despite the tragic events that took place two generations ago.

The last interview takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, where Bahar Çınarlı interviews her own aunt about her grandfather’s resettlement to Turkey from Alexandroupolis, Greece.

The scenes and interviews were shot only once, and without any premeditation, giving the film its authentic and warm nature.

Director: Bahar Çinarlı, Written by: Bahar Çinarlı & Brian N. Jarrett, Camera: George Zarkadas & Bahar Çinarlı, Interviewer: Bahar Çinarlı, Narration: Trace Garbutt & Bahar Çinarlı, Graphic Design: İlteriş Günay & John Asbacher, Editor: John Asbacher. – for more information, and acquiring a high image quality DVD.

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