Following the first video, now that you have got an idea of the potential of TradeRush, why is it that so many people don't make any money and probably lose with binary pairs?

The answer is a lack of confidence and poor guidance. The computer systems are sound but people are up against the most sophisticated Robo systems - and basically they haven't got a chance.

How come I am making money when they didn't?

Here is my story: 73 years old retired school teacher, total amateur in trading, finance and completing you to binary pairs. This is my brief – only four weeks – story. A complete amateur yet I have made to date some $24,250 profit!

I soon learned that successful trading requires a great deal of expertise: it is not something amateurs can or should attempt, despite the infusion yesterday claims of YouTubers that it's simply a matter of following some directions on a graph!

I began with a lot of success followed by failure: the pattern is that every time I failed it was because I became greedy, overexcited and tried it out myself. The systems I had studied didn't work – mainly because while the directions were clear enough, short-term trading is very volatile and within minutes or even seconds the picture changes – and it all becomes a scary gamble rather than an investment.

On the other hand when one of the account managers helped me place the trade talk me through it including the suggested investment for that particular trade in view of my portfolio, I made money – and very good money.

I've been advised by the company that they average 70% success and that I must expect some failures in the future. Since I have recorded this I've had two losses with the advisor. This is expected but I am confident enough to believe that the 70% figure is real, and on that basis will make a very good income using this system.

I'm also very careful in terms of the company that I keep! TradeRush is registered company operating out of Cyprus, it has as far as I can see flawless reputation. The account managers have been very personable, friendly and take an interest in each person rather than seeing them as an account.

Unlike most other brokerages, they make their income from the income of the clients, not commissions based on the amount of trading that they do. They're honest and don't make ridiculous claims, and on top of that provided a bonus [ which locks your money away for a while until a certain amount of trading has been done] but allowed me to test the system and withdrawal from my winnings.

All of these factors have prompted me to give the company an unsolicited testimonial which will be on their website: I am proud to represent TradeRush as an affiliate marketer.

So in summary I recommend this service heartily and unreservedly.

If you have that in mind then I recommend you click on the link and join TradeRush immediately: if not, keep watching these videos and I shall keep you up to date on how I am going and perhaps in time you may gain enough confidence to proceed to actual trading yourself.

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