Part of my artist activity includes creating experimental music software.
Today I am proud to announce the coming of Berna V2.0, a major upgrade.

Berna 2.0, not only has a new stunning and realistic UI but it includes also new processors like the Comparator, an 18 bands 1/3 Octave FilterBank and an 18 Bands Vocoder, plus new Tone Burst Generator, two Dynamic Modulators, new Reverb, new Frequency Shifter (with modulator input), new FM Oscillator (with modulator input) and 8 new Complex Oscillators!

Berna is a software simulation of a late 1950s electroacoustic music studio. Oscillators, filters, modulators, tape recorders, mixers, are all packed in a easy-to-use interface with historical accuracy.
Explore serial music, musique concrète and tape music or create new strange sonic worlds with instruments inspired by the greatest studios of the early days of electronic music.

Are you ready to meet the grandfather of the synthesizer?

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