Score Chicago - Daliah Saper: Reputation Management

As you mentioned, I am the principal attorney at Saper Law Offices. We handle intellectual property and business matters. As well as a lot of media and internet issues. As we all know, everything has gone online these days.

The person who says they need a website, and they go to this company and the company says you have "negative whatever." So, those companies that do that kind of reputation management for you, what do they do?

Well, there's no, you obviously have to make sure each company does what they say they do. Generally, what they're doing is analyzing your brand in the contents of the great bad, wide, whatever the word is -- internet. So, where does your name come up and how does it come up? And what can we do? Can we create some LinkedIn accounts or Craigslist postings? What sites are heavy or show up first on these search engines. You know, a site like Yelp comes up because it's so big. So let's find ways to put your name in these sites so when I do search for you those things will show up before anything else. That takes a lot of time and energy.

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