From Tuesday 2nd of April to Friday 5th of April, Greenview once again hosted the annual Soccer/Netball school with the aid of SportsReach. An Easter holiday club for children of various ages to take part and enjoy the healthy competition of sports. The sports were split into Junior Football, Senior Football and Netball, with three teams in each section.
The kids were not just taught how to play football or netball however, but also about the word of God. Through songs, stories and sandwiches, they learned about why Jesus came to Earth, who he was and why we should not only trust him, but love him. This year's theme was "In the beginning..." The story of creation, what mankind did wrong to God and how Jesus set it right. It was a great experience.
That said, there were plenty of games and activities as well. The coach interviews were a favourite too. And then there were the games themselves, with the teams featured in the video going head to head. The Pluto Warriors, Crazy Monstars (Space Jam anyone?) and Team Stardust may have been the winners, but in the end they were all winners. Seeing the children develop their skills and grow as a team was the real prize. So once again, fantastic work everyone!
There are too many people to credit, but a very special thanks goes to everybody who took part in making this a success. Well done!

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