OMTV is a webisode series following the Ontario Mogul Team as they venture the globe in search of snow and in following of the contest circuits.

The end of the year is always a fun time at Senior Nationals. Slushy spring bumps under the sun, with all your fellow Canadians. Not much more you could ask for. The crew made Ontario proud with numerous finalists, a top 10, and outstanding skiing overall, competing against the best the world has to offer.

This will be the final episode of OMTV. We've had a ton of fun making these, but the decision was made with skiing in mind. As fun as it was to make these, it took a lot of effort on competition days where we are trying to focus on our skiing. This upcoming season we all hope to soar to new heights as skiers and unfortunately, leaving OMTV behind was one step we felt necessary in order to do so. We hope that OMTV has made it's mark in the mogul skiing world, and we hope that we will start to see more mogul skiing videos in the future. Thank you to all the fans that have supported us! We hope you've enjoyed watching our videos as much as we've enjoyed making them.

(We're not entirely done though. Keep an eye out for "Bumps: A Mogul Skiing Documentary" made by Zac Hoffman)

Featuring: Zac Hoffman, Brayden Pawlik, Robbie Andison, Stephane Sum, Matt Smith, Ben John, Rylan Evans, Berkley Brown, PA Gosselin, and Clare Lambert.

Created by Zac Hoffman

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