Made during my first year on Film Animation at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec - Canada.

EN The Basilisk - Translation of the Poem:
If the man who saw you is still alive, your whole story is a lie, since he has not died he cannot have seen you, and if he has died, he cannot tell what he saw.

PT-BR O Basilísco - Tradução do Poema:
Se está vivo quem te viu,
Toda tua história é mentira,
Pois se não morreu, te ignora,
E se morreu não o afirma.

ES El Basiliaco
Si está vivo quien te vio,
Toda tu historia es mentira,
Pues si no murió, te ignora,
Y si murió no lo afirma.

Inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges

Poem by Francisco de Quevedo

Dedicated to Franciele Favero

Directed and Animated by Francisco Sedrez Warmling

Composer: He Kevin Wang

Supervisors: Jo Meuris, Jean Théberge

Mixing Engineer: Tim Horlor

Special Thanks to Franciele Favero, my Parents and Brother,
Friends, Professors and Classmates.

Copyright Francisco Sedrez Warmling

Mel Hoppeinheim School of Cinema - 2013

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