HO Skis is pleased to announce the addition of Terry Winter to the brand’s global ski team, The Syndicate. “The addition of Terry Winter to the team is something we’re all really thrilled about, as Terry’s relentless dedication and progressive style adds yet another layer of brilliance to our merry band of skiers we call The Syndicate,” says John Mommer, HO Skis Marketing Director and Team Manager.
Terry has pushed the progression of skiing his whole life, being a successful junior and quickly transitioning his raw talent into the pro level. Aside from his tremendous scores into 41 off and trips atop the pro podium, Winter is well known as one of the key players in the West Coast Slalom technique that took the slalom world by storm.

Marcus Brown, Syndicate team member speaks about his longtime friend and new team member, “I met Terry in 1990 when he got my Frisbee stuck on the roof of the dock at Bell Aqua. Somehow we’ve been pretty much best buds ever since. Not much has changed either…he walks softly but skis like he’s got a very big stick. Not much to say, but when he talks, people listen. Whisper is one of the only true skiers I know. He does it because he loves it. Not for fame of money or pats on the back. That’s hard not to respect. Team Syndicate is fortunate to be able to call him one of us.”

Terry sums up why he joined the Syndicate team; “Because the new Syndicate A3 really works for me. I spent the entire fall and winter testing all of the skis I could, and the A3 stood out as having the best blend of the aspects that are important to me in a ski. It's fast with stability, it turns sharp but smooth, and it gets me across the course so early but offers such a predictable and consistent turn that I can enter every turn with confidence and aggression.”

“Another reason that I'm happy to be on the team, is the opportunity to be part of the R&D and to work with Bob, Marcus, and Dave. I've watched Bob over the last couple of seasons ski at MB's lake, and it's amazing how he is on the constant search for what's next and what's going to make the skis better. I've never seen him ski two sets with the same ski, ski shape, or ski settings. He's always testing and keeping track of it.”

Terry talks further on joining the HO team, “HO is a company that seems to be really testing the limits, and pushing the sport of slalom skiing forward. If you look at their designs from year to year they are obviously different. It's easy for a company to take a proven design and tweak it a just a bit, throw a new graphic on it, then present it as the next big thing. HO takes risks and really makes some changes in their engineering. The result is making strides forward instead of just baby steps. It may be more difficult, but it pays off when it all comes together.”

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