Video :
Music and sound Design : Matias Nadal

The commission consists of creating a name and identity for an online store of outdoor sporting equipment. Two suggestions were taken into account: The integration of the brand in social networks and to explore the possibility of creating a mascot. The last sugestión horrofied us.

Shortly after we created for Mount Legend a sherpa that lives in the mountains and we then decided to create an identity system based on this character. The possibilities of the system changed our minds about the idea of creating a mascot.

We created an illustrated code that permitted us to remove and replace supplements of the hair and beard of the character in order to adapt him to different disciplines. Lastly the consumer could answer a questionnaire and randomly choose supplements based on the answers, in this manner the company obtains information that is the key to their habits to obtain their own Legend that they can use as an avatar on facebook or twitter and that the brand uses this to directly communicate (receipts, etc.) with its clients. Once you have your legend you can edit, removing and placing supplements for the best adapation. There are more than 30,000 combinations of the legend therefore making it unlikely that there are two mount legends that are alike.

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