Thanks for watching! Here you will find much of my work over the last few years, that propelled me along the journey to becoming a 2D and 3D artist. I'm primarily focused on lighting, shading, rendering, as well as compositing in both After Effects and Nuke. I prefer Maya and VRay, but I'm fluent in mental ray as well. I also do some concept art and digital painting. Enjoy!

Music: 'Go Do' by Jónsi


My main responsibilities were lighting and shading. I painted all the textures and shaders for Francis using mudbox and vray fur. I lit all the city, boys room, and the forest shots in maya and vray, as well as created a light rig for the lake shots. I also had a lot of fun modeling and shading all the plants, leaves, rocks, trees, etc. into a kind of toolkit. Then I used vray proxies and instancing to populate all the forest scenes throughout the film.

League of Legends
I was mostly responsible for lighting, render optimization, and render passes. I also worked on shaders for many of the weapons, the ice arrow and apple shot, the bullet shells, and many other little bits and pieces throughout. I fully lit about 40% of the shots in this spot.

I was responsible for lighting and shading the two realistic cars, and the entire last scene in the "surreal world" using Maya and VRay.

I was the technical director and lighting supervisor. I lit and shaded all the elements in both these commercials in Maya and VRay. I also matched lighting to live action as well as set up all the render passes for the nuke and flame compositors.

Aleve End Tag
I shaded and lit all the concrete stuff in Maya and VRay. I also matched lighting for the live action.

Playstation Vita
I lit and shaded the PS Vita and Playstation Controller in Maya and VRay. I also set up all the render layers and elements for compositing.

Nokia Lumia End Tag
I shaded and lit these three phones for this end tag in Maya and VRay.

I lit and shaded the badge in Maya and VRay, animated the lights, and composited it in After Effects.

I lit and shaded this car for the Art of Car campaign in Maya and mental ray. We produced 14 animated segments which were tied together for a web experience. I also was asked to render out large versions for billboards and prints in magazines.

Toyota Prius Times Square
I was responsible for lighting and shading the car and many of the scenes in this 7 scene continuous spot for times square. I also created the concept art for the Chinatown segment.

Drive Nation
I was responsible for lighting and shading the flying logo, and using particular to comp in the light streaks. I also composited the lava melt on the flying logo. I also was the technical director supervising this project, including setting up the renders and render elements throughout the spot.

Hyundai Curb
I created the concept and art direction for a 60 second reveal of this concept car at the Detroit auto show. I also lit and shaded the car, and many of the environments in Maya and mental ray. I also was responsible for compositing, and all the particle effects which were done in particular.

Lunchables Pitch
This was a fun little pitch for a stop motion animation for a lunchables giveaway contest. Jason Cook developed the concept and I helped with the look in VRay and Maya.

Lightning Streaks
I created all this madness in After Effects and particular for my last demo reel, and I still liked it, so I thought I'd include it here.

Scion Garage Concept Art
I put this little thing together when Scion had come to us asking to rebrand their configurator for web. So I built an industrial garage and just played with textures and lighting based on the initial blank 3d render as a base.

Wizards Coffee
This is a personal project. I modeled, shaded, lit and composited all the elements in this scene using maya and VRay. I also animated everything and created a realflow simulation for the water, if I ever get around to finishing this thing.

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