A married couple struggles after several years of marriage to get on the same page regarding their sex life. We join them front row for one of their relationally tense counseling sessions where the husband thinks too much of it, and she thinks too little of it. A familiar story about unmet and unknown expectations.
Based on 1 Corinthians 7: 4-5

Shot on the 5D Mark iii
God created sex for marriage. If sex is an issue in your marriage, for whatever reason, get assistance from a licensed [preferably Christian] professional. Don't let a sexless marriage tear your marriage apart.

Holly Britt
Bob Cousins
Annette Buisman

Directed by: Phil Stevens
Written by: Phil Stevens & Ana Bright
Director of Photography: Travis Sawyer
AC: Esly Hernandez
Edited by: Chad Sarahina & Phil Stevens
Original music by Eric King

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