Video-Tutorial: AeroYoga® (Aerial Kriya ) Simultaneous Meditation and Toning( Read this article (neglish) here:
AeroYoga® Aéreo- Postura de la Cometa (El Papalote) y Caida de Alumno (lee este artículo en español aqui:

Video!: AeroYoga© will present exclusive original dynamic meditation exercises in suspension, allowing the practice to everyone- in three levels to the active-dynamic meditation.
Text for from Antoine de Luversac

This is the first registered protocol meditation exercises on the swing, patented as the first sequence of dynamic meditation exercises in weightlessness (

Look now this video as an example of oscillatory exercise -Aerial Kriya ©-:
©The Comet Pose (El Papalote ©) with our international students training in Mexico (we offer the International Teachers Training in Spain, Mexico, France, Argentina and Colombia:
These exercises and sequences have been developed exclusively by Rafael Martinez for AeroYoga ® Institute trainee teachers and students
Martinez, professor of fine arts, art therapist and teacher of Natha Yoga, is the creator of the method AeroYoga®.

The AeroYoga ® Institute investigates a proper physical practice that involves not only exercise, but also a state action and appropriate mood for toning, coupled with proper mental attitude and emotional release.

This is achieved through oscillatory and repetitive movements, called AerialKriyas© , are the AeroYoga ® system characteristic and original exercises studied for the method AeroYoga® and Aerial Pilates ®.

Aero Yoga ® system offers to his students the Benefits of Dynamic Meditation with Aerial silks routines and exercises free tables, including the best nutrition tips and special diets and fat burning tips.

But, how to get an activity that is fun for the mind, effective for the body and releasing emotional level:

Today, the human being requires physical and intellectual recreational areas, where many aspects of work can take advantage of their exigent time schedule.
This process involves the student in research and work on the emotional side, each session comprising the mechanisms that trigger such stress release ...

The Natha Yoga (the psycho-physical work system world's oldest and origin of "all yoga") is one of the basic techniques AeroYoga © system, from the concept of heaviness of the body, playing with gravity to their advantage, allowing the own body's descongestiones...

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Benefits of oscillatory motions and Aerial Kriyas©:

In AeroYoga® and Aerial Pilates®© the 'oscillatory' and repetitive movements allow to tone and decongest the student working in a state of active meditation or abstraction.

Thanks to the versatility of the technique itself the student allow to unlock 'conflict' areas of our body, physically (cervical joints, lower back, knees, elbows, shoulders ...)
The swing pendulum movements are a 'value added' in each session of Aerial Yoga and Aerial Pilates.

The Aerial Kriyas also seek an internal massage "active-passive Panchakarma" Integral on the swing (Swing Air Ayurveda).

The oscillation is also a method of active-passive massage beneficial * to internal organs, such as the digestive system, intestines, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys ...

The swing in the AeroYoga® practice, is a free space with and minimally invasive movement making it suitable for people with stress or accumulated stress.

© AeroYoga maybe the great method with aerial silks (yogaswing) that gives you exclusive exercises designed to enable the unique opportunity to swing freely and safely in the air and thereby liberating body and mind working with gravity , toning and promoting its anti stress and optimal mental fitness in less time, with less effort.

The AeroYoga® Institute, under the direction of Dr. Tapia , begin the first international clinic study on the benefits of the AeroYoga® method in cardiovascular system, fitness and mood. We need to share your experience with us, sign. Participate!

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Mail: Web Tel 91 457 2215
Address AeroYoga ® Institute SL C / Colombia 4, Madrid

Aerial Pilates (Spanish) clic here:

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