Second flight and first FPV test. When I started to fly with 900KV Tigers on my DJI F450 I thought it had crazy amount of thrust. The TBS Discovery then felt very nice and with OpenPilot CC3D, extreme agile. This is my latest big step in my flying career, this machine is wild, pure and simple as that :)

Frame: QAV400
Flight Controller: OpenPilot CC3D fpvmanuals Edition
Motors: Tiger Motor 1100KV/255W (Aerial Design Services MT2216-9)
ESC's: fpvmanuals 30A ESC w/ SimonK firmware
Props: Graupner 8x5 E-Prop
Battery: Zippy Compact 4s 4000mah 25C
RC TX / RX: 2.4 GHz Jeti DC-16 / Duplex R9 /w Volt Telemetri
Voltage Regulator: Rangevideo Filtered Linear Power Supply

Cameras: TBS 69 / GoPro Hero2 @ 720/60
A/V TX: RangeVideo 1.28GHz 800mW TX
A/V RX: 2x RangeVideo FPV Deluxe Receiver
Diversity Controller: RangeVideo Micro Diversity Controller
Antennas: IBCrazy 1.3 GHz 10dBic Crosshair Antenna, IBCrazy 1.3GHz BluBeam Ultra
Displays: FatShark Predator V2 Video Goggles

Location: Lund, Sweden
Weather: Cloudy 5°C; Wind 6 m/s

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