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1970 Framus Sport Guitar Model 50/1 Parlor Guitar with original case:

What a rare guitar I have for you today. A 1970 Framus Model 50/1 Sport Guitar. Its made in West Germany and it’s all original including the original Softshell case.

This guitar has a Spruce top and an arched back. Its size is no indication of sound. Wow, this little guitar will shock you with its loud and proud voice. It has a bolt on neck guitar which made our setup super easy to do. It plays now with new strings and awesome easy playing action. What a pleasure to play. No sore fingers with this one.

Like all old Framus guitars, it is over engineered which makes this little guitar practically indestructible. No hints or bellying or the bridge pulling up. This guitar has only top quality materials and hardware as well. Check out the string guide and tuners. Very high grade hardware. This guitar is not perfect. It has some dings and scratches. Check out the Pictures.

We have been selling a lot of more expensive guitars on our website and I want to introduce great and cool lesser priced instruments as well. I have been an Ebay Seller for over 10 years and hope one day to have all of my inventory here. This will be a good start. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a great playing and sounding guitar. This Framus is a great example of that. Grab it while you can.
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