Welcome to the Hotgrinds product tour! Today we'll be talking about the DASHBOARD.
Returning to our web survey about COFFEE, let's open up the DASHBOARD to look at the Hotgrinds semantic analysis of these positive and negative sentiments.
The concepts and sentiments from the collection of comments in your web survey are organized and analyzed in the Dashboard.
The first thing we see is that people are generally more positive than negative when they talk about coffee - in our sample, 466 comments were positive while only 286 were negative.

Thanks to the dashboard, you can not only see the general sentiment towards your topic, but also
understand precisely what aspects of it are seen positively and negatively by people on the internet, and to what degree.
The CONCEPT MAP shows you the distribution of positive and negative sentiments at a glance.
The size of the blocks represents the number of occurences of a concept within your survey.
The color of a block tells you how strongly positive or negative that sentiment is within your survey.
for each concept, you can see a list of all the comments containing that idea.
As you can see, the concepts are based on common meaning rather than simple keywords, making it easy for you to see the most frequently discussed concepts no matter what different terms might have been used throughout the survey.
You can filter the contents of the Concept Map to focus on a particular sentiment; here, we are looking only at positive concepts.
Mousing over each concept shows us how many positive and negative comments mention that concept; for a concept to show as a positive green, it must be mentioned more often in positive comments than in negative ones. A brighter green means a higher percentage of positive to negative comments.
We can already see some interesting patterns of positive association in this view of the concept map:
-people associate coffee positively with health and nutrition
-people like the energy that coffee gives them
-Coffee is a positive pleasure
Interestingly, concepts that are often perceived as negative in our health-conscious society are showing up with positive associations to coffee - food additives, sweeteners and sugars are all GOOD things in the world of coffee-drinkers.
The concepts extracted from your survey can be grouped into different informative views, giving you multiple possibilities for visualization and analysis of the opinions.

This view shows us the spread of concepts between strongly positive on the left and strongly negative on the right. As you can see, people have many more positive associations with coffee than they do negative ones. Some negative moral concepts are close to the middle and show a number of positive comments for that concept as well, telling us that for some coffee drinkers, it's good to be bad.

Again we see concepts of health and specific medical conditions associated with coffee in a positive aspect - for some, coffee is medicinal.

On the other hand, it is also associated with cardiovascular disorders - one man's medicine is another man's poison.

Many people think of coffee negatively as a drug habit, an addiction - but not all of them. this is again close to the neutral middle line, telling us that for some people, an addiction to coffee is a good thing to have.

Superfatted - you'd think that would be a negative in our health-conscious society but it seems that coffee lovers LOVE their coffee with cream - and this is in a strongly positive area, with only one negative use of the concept.

What have we learned from our survey? That coffee can be seen as a benefit to health as well as a detriment.
For a coffee drinker, the great flavor of a creamy coffee is a positive that outweighs any concerns about fat content.
And there is a proud segment of coffee-drinkers who are happy to claim a wicked addiction to coffee as a positive in their lives.

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