From the Version of Record to a Version of the Record

Herbert Van de Sompel
Information Scientist
Los Alamos National Laboratory

In the past two decades, scholarly communication has evolved significantly to become mainly digital and network-based. This transition has brought along changes in the nature of the assets that are being communicated. The atomic and static PDF files of the early ejournals days are rapidly being replaced by bundles of dynamic and interdependent resources that are distributed across the Web. These changes present technical challenges regarding information interoperability and long-term preservation, but they also yield broader challenges related to stewardship, access, the delineation of the scholarly record, and the very notion of the version of record. In the same time frame, both the Web and our understanding of its architecture have evolved, which has motivated recent information interoperability efforts -- OAI Object Reuse and Exchange, Memento, and ResourceSync -- to look at technical challenges from a Web-centric, instead of a repository-centric, perspective, possibly marking a trend to fully embrace the Web as infrastructure for scholarly communication.

Opening Plenary Session
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Spring 2013 Membership Meeting
April 4-5, 2013
San Antonio, Texas

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