This is footage from the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT mount. It was acquired in a specific way to approximate what the Pocketcam MIGHT look like, but is NOT an indicator of an exact image. Until the camera is actually released, we don't know, but I did this to help answer some questions about wides, FOV, and DOF etc.

Because we do not have information on the RAW capabilities of the Pocketcam, we can only extrapolate that it should still be a decent image. All of the shots here were captured CINEMA DNG for the purpose of a better looking crop.

METHOD: Why not just crop existing footage?

I created an onscreen Matte with my 5.6" TVLogic monitor and composed for an approximation of what would be the Pocketcam's sensor size. This way it's like shooting for that specific frame versus shifting and moving an image around and not truly "shooting out" the S16 size. Basically, it forced me to move back when I wanted to shoot a specific composition, wide, etc.

The footage was processed in Resolved with a crop preset that matches what was on my TVLogic, so everything is basically as I shot it with the faux Matte.


800 ISO
45 to 180 degree shutter depending
Tiffen 1.8 IR ND

Wanted to satisfy some DOF examples for people, thus part of the quick test.


Zeiss Superspeed S16 MKII set (5.9/T1.3, 9.5/T1.3, 12/T1.3, 25/T1.3) There's also an 8/T2.4 in this set but I chose to leave it out for now. The 10-100/2 Zoom vignettes in strange ways, can't really use it until I figure that out.

The glass was adapted using the HOT ROD PL M4/3 TO PL MOUNT, sturdiest PL mount you can get.

Glass was provided by Blacklist Productions in Hollywood, CA.

SLRMagic 12/1.6 and SLRmagic 25/0.95

PLEASE NOTE: the 5.9/T1.3 does NOT Have a focus ring. Also, I had to hold the NDs up to all of the S16 primes because I did not have a matte box. There's a moment where the 5.9 vignettes and then doesn't in the very next shot, that's me removing the ND that I"m holding up. That's how wide the 5.9 and 9.5 are, they will vignette with a 77mm threaded filter (No adapter even) in front of them.


Quick, just tried to match what I could but not spending time on it. I think they could match a lot better in the end.

Hook's LUT and FCPX


Odesza - Hey Now

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