More from Carol Phipps, HR Manager at AmericaBest, as she shares her latest well-intentioned but lame "theme day" to motivate the firm's disgruntled employees. She's one of the stars of "Bernie," an irreverent workplace comedy about the world's oldest profession: Accounting.

Carol is perfectionistic and buttoned-up, pretty in a Diane Chambers sort of way, and serves as AmericaBest's resident cheerleader. It's a talent she perfected as squad captain at her suburban Illinois high school, whom she led to taking the silver in the ultra-competitive IHSA state championships. A near-miss that haunts her to this day.

Carol can be found floating from one staffer’s office to the next, ducking in to offer advice, a sympathetic ear or a leftover bagel — usually while delivering another HR form to fill out. She's the firm's self-appointed social director, planning staff activities she feels will boost morale, but typically end in shame and embarrassment.

Her sunny optimism and by-the-book professionalism can all be a bit much — especially when, according to frenemy sales rep Mitch, Carol's been known to take a walk on the wild side. And he may have iPhone photos to prove it.

Music credits: INTRO by Simon D'souza. OUTRO by Hall & Oates.

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