Meet Carol Phipps, Human Resources Manager at AmericaBest Consulting, as she indignantly denies the latest water cooler gossip. She's one of the stars of "Bernie," an irreverent workplace comedy about the world's oldest profession: Accounting.

Carol is perfectionistic and buttoned-up, pretty in a Diane Chambers sort of way, and serves as AmericaBest's resident cheerleader. It's a talent she perfected as squad captain at her suburban Illinois high school, whom she led to taking the silver in the ultra-competitive IHSA state championships. A failure that haunts her to this day.

Carol can typically be found floating from one staffer’s office to the next, ducking in to offer advice, a sympathetic ear or a leftover bagel — usually while delivering another HR form to fill out. She's the firm's self-appointed social director, planning work outings and theme days she feels will boost morale, but usually end in shame and embarrassment.

Carol's sunny optimism and by-the-book professionalism can all be a bit much — especially when, according to frenemy sales rep Mitch, she's been known to take a walk on the wild side. And he may have iPhone photos to prove it.

Music credits: INTRO by Simon D'souza. OUTRO by Hall & Oates.

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