I explain two very important tools for shooting DSLR video with the Nikon D600 and Canon 5D Mark III. The Dana Dolly is an expandable dolly system that utilizes standard size 1.25" aluminum pipe. You can hav pre-cut pipe in any length from 1' to 20' and use only what you need. The 6' rails are the most common for my purposes and I'm relatively small-time in production. For product imagery, and shooting smaller items and products, the 3' rails work fine.

The second tool that I use a ton is the Manfroto 561BHDV-1. I use this a lot instad of the tripod. When your roots are 100% photojournalism, sticks are a last resort in my work!

Last, the examples are all done with Samyang lenses which are great options for shooting video. They are manual focus but the more recent version of the lenses are all chipped for the full range of exposure control for both Canon and Nikon. I find the Samyang lenses match up well in color to Canon and Nikon and with a little tweaking, I can interchange them with my Nikkor glass without problem. Last, while it can be confusing, Samyang is a Korean company that re-labels their glass for other companies. B&H's version is called Bower. You can also find the same glass listed as Rokinon and even Vivitar Series One (go figure).

One hiccup in this piece is my use of the wrong shutter-speed which I mention a few times. I'm a still photographer and so I kept saying 1/25th of a second rather than the obvious, 1/24th which is the frame rate in actuality when shooting video. My bad!

I love the Samyang glass, especially the 35mm f/1.4 which is a goto for me almost daily. Hope you enjoy the video and that it helps you in your search for your own bag of tricks. Please "like" it if you find it useful. Thanks! PM-R :)

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