To wrap up our time at Tierra Vida, a couple of the facilitators organised a fire ceremony. A very magical healing ritual, where they call on the souls of the ancestors and make offerings to the Earth through the placing of sticks into the bonfire that have been prayed into.

A description of the event by the facillitators:

"This Sacred Fire ceremony was performed in heart of Amazon before a Rising Full Moon on the lake. We closed our healing retreat with the honouring all around us and Pachamama, to embrace our healing journey, we shed what no longer served us, just like the serpent shed its skin, and we made offering for our New becoming.
Sacred fire is a powerful transformer of energy and prayers, all the Intentions were released to the Spriti, Wakantanka, Universe.We open and close the sacred ceremony with calling of 4 directions, we sang to the sacred waters Nitche Tai Tai, N-U-Y with are pure intentions in our hearts and prayers, blessings blowed into a offering sticks, invited the ancestors to come warm there hands heart by the fire and we stepped away to let the universe taker off the rest.Thank you thank you thank you Mahalo Munay Sonco Paz y Luz******
as Shamaness I will say: See you by the FIRE....."

This video is part of my Blog Post:
2012 Shamanic Journey:

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