An Assignment for Advanced Storyboarding, AAU. Live action opening sequence from a rough feature film proposal. Basic idea is this: To comment and satirize American media and gun culture. Two students, unbeknownst to one another, in the same high school plan a mass shooting for the same day. When the main character arrives late and walks in on the other student's shooting, he pulls out a gun and seemingly saves the day. That's the opening. (This animatic).

The real film is a slow exploration as he is mistakenly heralded as a hero and plummeted into fame, and how his family, friends, community, and ultimately the world slowly come to realize that he had entirely different plans that morning. Is he judged by his actions, or his intentions? Is anyone even listening to him now? The film ends with the main character committing suicide.

Devestation and Revenge, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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