I spent a lot of time (A LOT) experimenting in a roundtrip between davinci resolve, avid media composer and vimeo. I used sample footage from alexa (you can download the samples here goo.gl/Ojwrp) The roundtrip schema was:

1. footage conversion in resolve
2. import into avid for editing
3. export AAF from avid
4. import into resolve for color correction
5. export graded footage and AAF from resolve
6. import into avid for further editing and graphics
7. export from avid
8. convert for vimeo

Common steps but the main goal in this roundtrip was the quality of the final result. By saying final result, i mean vimeo. I wanted to get a final image as close as the image i see inside resolve. Precise whites, blacks and colors. For the first time, having side by side resolve and vimeo video, the differences are minor, almost absent.

At last, color grading process for web delivery has meaning.. : )

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