Digital Analog Surface Projekt im Design Fab Lab an der HS Magdeburg
Prof. Steffi Hußlein, Dipl. Des. Robert Laux, Dipl. Des. Michael Bertuleit // Interaction Design
Bachelor Student_innen: Katharina Herzog, Lukas Isphording, Konrad Jünger, Benjamin Kiesewetter, Matthias Nagl, Schnitt: Benjamin
The aim of that project is to integrate both process and workflow of desktop-manufacturing into an interactive
design process, to generate individual patterns through a simple click and besides to produce in an industrial way exemplarily. In this project we deal with image editing by using our own tools, according to the motto: "to drill, to plane, to cut, to scratch—where images are edited, splinters must fall". Principals of patterns and generating will be explored and declined for translating graphical characteristics into material. Fundamental principles of graphic design, like transformation, progression and permutation can be experienced by the creation of varieties. The same way like the first lines come into life in Processing on the screen, the CNC-Code for image editing will displayed into a file, with which the composing is called into existence on our own milling machine. The range of tools is experimental and can be adapted to your ideas.

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