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The proposed visual journey, thinked as a work of fiction, aims to drift form the very deep resonance of the Bauhaus into their contemporary Avant-Garde movements and vice verse. Taking the picture dated 1922 for the Constructivist and Dadaist “ International of Arts “ congress in Weimar 1922 featuring El Lissitzky, Nelly and Theo Van Doesburg, Hans Richter, Tristan Tzara, & Hans Arp. And the mischievous picture of the Bauhaus postcard intervened by Van Doesbourg with his hand writings. The project will recreate through its narrative the tension and the fluorescence of those years.
As known in 1922 both Van Doesbourg and Lizzinsky were living in Weimar, the importance of Bauhaus and the condensed ideas representated by this two figures will be the visual keys for this project. Van Doesbourg proselytism, installed himself near to the Bauhaus buildings and started to attract school students interested in the new ideas of Constructivism. Dadaism, and De Stijl. Lizzinsky promotion of his belief of the art-
ist could be an agent for change and Bauhaus ́s practice made Weimar at that time the center of a game of power around the Bauhaus.
From De Stijl ́s complete abstraction of reality, throught Constructivist ́s assumptions of the particular material properties of an object, and tektonika, its spatial presence, to Bauhaus ́s rhythm and colour studies. Emotional and rational the project will achieve the postulates for De Stijl, Russian ́s Suprematism - Constri- tivsm - Productivism and Bauhaus from a rigorous research combining them through the use of simple, clear and sophisticated graphics and 3d technology to reinforce and represent their ideas.
3D Animations, music & sound fx Marcelo Vida (Chindogu)

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