I'm a fan of slideshows, but I do get restless with them quickly. When I was asked to put together a photo slideshow I called Sean McCormick to spruce it up a little. Here are just a few of the many images from a recent trip to Argentina. It's something a little different; perhaps you'll like it. Enjoy.

A few of these small backcountry river systems have seen little anglers. The hikes can be quite long and somewhat grueling but all worth every step. One particular spring creek held 6 pound browns and was only 5 feet wide. Mouse patterns were very deadly in most of these types of areas. The fish were feisty and the eats were explosive. It was truly a fantastic trip, one I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Patagonia: patagonia.com/us/sports/fly-fishing
Las Pampas Lodge: laspampaslodge.com/

Photographer: Bryan Gregson
Editor: Sean McCormick
Anglers: Oggy, Dexter Levandoski, Bart Bonime, Martin Gallo

Patagonia | patagonia.com/us/sports/fly-fishing
Costa Sunglasses | costadelmar.com/home
Hatch Reels | hatchoutdoors.com/
TroutHunter leader & Tippet | trouthunt.com/

Las pampas Lodge | laspampaslodge.com/
LOL Argentina | lolargentina.com/index_800_ing.htm

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