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This video documents a multiplayer text explorer that I have been working on. The interface enables users to explore and annotate (color code) a corpus of text.

The Internet We Missed.

The first corpus I am using the software against is Jason Scott's textfiles.com, which is an amazing collection of text from the old Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) - often used before the clickable browser was released in 1983.

My ambition with this project is to celebrate the adventures people had on BBS, and the culture they generated through using them. I strongly believe it was these systems that lay foundation for the Internet we know today. If you like this kind of stuff, be sure to check out the Jason Scott's BBS documentary!


Background Music:
Cigarettes and Coffe Introduction, Treewave
Found via the audio of the BBS documentary.

Sound FX:
A few bits and bobs from FreeSound and SoundBible.

Jason Scott's textfiles - textfiles.com/
BBS Documentary - bbsdocumentary.com/
BBS Documentary (Music Attributions) - bbsdocumentary.com/production/music/
Treewave - treewave.com/
FreeSound - freesound.org/
SoundBible - soundbible.com/

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