The entity.

"The entity" is the title of our contribution, an entity that represents the imaginary collective consciousness of a particular building, the Bauhaus University Main-Building. The narrative is based on the ever returning theme of decay, reflection and growth. Our narrative is divided in 3 Acts.

The first Act deconstructs the Bauhaus University Main-Building facade and symbolises the end of a cycle, a plunge into chaos.

The second Act brings to life an entity that represents the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by the building itself. The entity with its hypnotising moves, evolves and wanders inviting us to pause and reflect.

The third Act shows us a new beginning, the construction of an harmonious environment full of energy and that takes into account the wisdom and knowledge transmitted by the building´s entity, the genius loci.

We have chosen this particular building as we would like our final production to integrate some of the Bauhaus elements, we explored for our Weimar 2012 proposal, with the aim of creating a stronger connection between our narrative and the building´s history.

Our 30 seconds demo video is also divided in 3 parts of +-10 seconds each, each segment exemplifies the mood, rhythm and general atmosphere of each act respectively. All sound and video is originally composed and produced by us.

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