Welcome to my simple* beauty retouch tutorial! In this tutorial I cover:
-Beauty Photography explination
- color correcting
- Frequency Seperation
- Blemish Removal in Skin
- Dodge and Burn
- Carving in Contours
- Bringing out eyes and color
- sharpening for more detail in Eyes
- removing stray hair distractions

If you are interested in the Frequency Seperation action please request it thru email i will provide it no problem.

I have comments turned off, so if you have any questions or want to show me an image you created using these techniques, please feel free to email me at harts@hartbasscompany.info

dont forget to go to our webpage at

and our facebook fanpage at


*I will be making a high end retouch video for HartBass Pro members which will be available on our site soon

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