always better to be good powered and have a small kite like 7 and better if it has a good power-depower. keep edging, keep the same speed, keep kite at 45° or a bit over, try to find a little chop, jump with the board in the same direction you have, don't put it upwind or you will loose it from your feet. After the pop, bring the board high and with your legs, and bring your body down, keep your front knee bend, and the back knee just a bit bend, i(f it is a critical situation that you are feeling you'll lose the board put your back leg straight and your front knee more bend).
Now push all the bar down to let your kite bring yourself high and let you drag downwind, with the board in the direction of your lines.
At the time you are coming down bring youe kite higher, if you feel no power in the kite anymore make a kiteloop to land softer.
Now go on the water and try!!!!Have fun!
Peace Daniel.

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