We are excited to share with you the first ever Stillmotion wedding feature we've ever launched publicly.

Here is The Story of Miffy + Mr. Bee, a wedding film so unique that it would only fit one couple; Winnie and Jerry.

We believe every film, wedding or otherwise, should be a reflection of those in it. Every decision should be inspired and relevant to those characters or that story. When it comes to weddings we like to say

People more, Wedding less.

To read more about our process in bringing the uniqueness of each couple out in their film, check out the blog


Creative direction, Cinematography and Post by Stillmotion
Narration by Steve King
Script by Ross Hockrow and Stillmotion
Animations by Zach Daulton
Music by With Etiquette

We would love to hear your thoughts on The Story of Miffy and Mr. Bee!!

For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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