Muffin and me competing at the Midland Championships
11yr old
English TB
Ex Race horse

Owned by my yard manager Lynne
Mainly done dressage to date but has an real love of jumping (well most of the time!)
We competed together for the first time the week before this at South Staffs show and managed to jump two couple clears and qualify for these two classes. (we finished 3rd in both)

So this was our 2nd outing together... which didnt 100% go to plan but watching this back i can see where i could help her more next time....(for starters im shortening my reins!!! :P ) and that killer spread from the first class caused loads of problems for everyone so there must have been something the horses didnt like! And im very proud of myself for picking myself up and doing the bigger class given i had no idea if she would just do the same to me again... didnt even look at it 2nd time! lol x

Im still learning how best to ride her and she can get quiet excited some times... in many ways she is like having a small part of Cassie back! : D

Quick Flash Update: He is a bit hit and miss at the moment... some days he is hyper and feels like 100% back and fighting fit... others he is very quiet and subdued and has at times had some irregular breathing even just being led up from the field... so Vet is booked for Friday to check him over.
His eye is healing pretty well i think... awaiting feedback from the experts on that one!
And bless his heart he has decided to be one of the "very very rare" cases and is loosing his coat (bit like cemotheraphy does to people) so im hoping he will stop before he goes bald on me! bless him! will update as i get more info x

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