Primal Move is a system where the goal is to create better movement. Primal Move is based on primal and primitive movement patterns, ones that we all have mastered, at one time – when we were children. Do you remember a time when you had no pain when you played, ran, threw a stone or climbed a tree? Do you remember when movement was joyful, fun and you felt the flow?

Primal Move’s goal is to make changes through playful, beautiful and mindful movements. Our mission is to take you through a step-by-step protocol where you discover a new type of movement system – one where we practice, using body and mind, to reach better life quality. Through better movement you will be able to enjoy whatever you wish to do in life. We want to illuminate the potential we all have buried deep down inside.

The goal of Primal Move is to move better through the unique mixture of unloaded and loaded mobility exercises, with playful and beautiful movements that can reach the flow state, re-educating the central nervous system and filling up the brain with good information.

Moving more is not better. Moving stronger is not better. Moving faster is not better. Moving better is better, and we aim to move stronger, more, and faster when we have mastered better.

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