Joel and I have been learning Processing under Andreas Schlegel for a few months. Programming was a form of getaway from our regular studio project. It was refreshing and fun to learn new things together, helping each other understand programming better.

We created an automatic printer that prints Instagram photos that have been tagged with the hash tag #transpiresg. We thought it would be pretty cool to have it as part of the exhibition for visitors to participate in this collaborative effort to help document my exhibition, and giving them something to take away from the exhibition at the same time.
Series 01: BEYOND
A series of short films that features the people we had collaborated with for the past year. Beyond the outcomes, we seek to celebrate the collaboration process, as well as documenting their insights and experience.
Shot & Edited by: Ryan Len (
Interviewee: Joel Goh (
Music: Note Drop (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0

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