Oasis Energy today announced that their company will be selling a competitively priced, 100% renewable electricity product. Oasis Energy's new green energy products are being positioned to be highly price competitive. In several markets they will be the least expensive 100% renewable electricity product available.

The electricity will be 100% renewable energy, from local, clean energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass.

Justin Snyder the National Brand Manager for Oasis Energy said,
"Our goal was to give consumers the option to buy 100% renewable power without breaking the bank. Most people want to help the environment, but they're often faced with the reality of staying within a budget. We hope our new low cost, eco-friendly electricity products will make it easier for people to choose green energy to power their homes and businesses."

Oasis Energy will roll out their new environmentally friendly products this week in a few large markets including New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Chicago areas.

Oasis Energy will announce the official launch of theses products later this week on their social media accounts.

Oasis Energy is committed to giving back to the local communities they serve. Participating in community improvement projects, charity efforts, environmental awareness, and energy efficiency campaigns.

About Oasis Energy:
Oasis Energy is a leading supplier of electricity and natural gas to residential and business customers in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois. Offering competitive pricing on fixed and variable rate energy products. Oasis Energy aims to be a low-cost/high-value provider bringing energy cost savings to customers in every market they serve.

For more information on Oasis Energy's electricity and natural gas service visit: oasisenergy.com

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